Labradorite Crystal Meaning and Symbolism

Many stones are associated with magic and folklore, but none beat the allure and story of magic as Labradorite. This ever-shimmering, light-shifting feldspar has been a favorite of jewelers for millennia, and the hype is definitely not stopping anytime soon. 

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Due to its constant and appealing color-shifting properties, feldspar has always been associated with magical lore and powers. As a magic stone, it possesses some hidden spiritual abilities and helps people connect on a deeper level.

This stone is claimed to contain magical powers that can help you discover your inner self and connect with invisible dimensions. It also increases psychic abilities and helps you enhance your inner eye. So, if you are looking to confirm your magical associations, this stone might be the thing to help you in this quest.

Keep reading to find out more about this unique stone.

What is Labradorite?

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that possesses a characteristic, Labradorescence. It also possesses the aventurescence effect, also called the Schiller effect. This stone's essence is one reason it is sought-after and well-accepted. It gets its name from where it is found; Labrador, a province in Canada. It is also found in Mexico, the United States, Norway, Finland, India, and Russia.

For centuries, the Labradorite crystal has been highly preferred by jewelers and precious stone enthusiasts alike. Its tabular and planar shape identifies it and appears in a wide range of colors, such as brown, yellow, green, and purple. 

The Labradorite, in all its magical essence, is a part of the chakra system, making it all the more appealing to people.

Labradorite Crystal Meaning

Like many gemstones, wearing labradorite counts for something. This unique stone has a rich history and past usage around it. Much mysticism surrounds this stone, and its use, especially as it has been reported to possess healing properties, connect with your higher and inner consciousness and develop your creative abilities. 

Legend has it that an Inuit warrior from the area that is now called Labrador saw that a part of the Aurora, the colorful phenomenon found in the skies above North America in October and April, seemed trapped in a massive chunk of ice. He decided to free the Aurora and set it free using his spear to strike the ice. He then realized the colors of the Aurora were now trapped in a stone, making it a desirable gemstone. 

Today, the Labradorite is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful, powerful, popular, and not-to-precious gemstones that represent magic, protection, and positive energy.

Labradorite crystal means

  • A protector against negative energy
  • An encourager of faith
  • A way for us to move forward with confidence
  • A connection to the higher realms of consciousness
  • A promoter of positive energy

Generally, Labradorite crystal meaning is all about healing, protection, and the production of positive energy. This meaning is one of the reasons it is loved even more.

Anywhere you find this stone worn as a necklace, earring, or pendant, be sure the wearer is interested in its mystical powers or wants to experience this beautiful gemstone's magical powers.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Here are some ways by which Labradorite can be used for healing:

Mental Healing

Labradorite crystal is said to reduce the undesirable aspects of our personalities and behaviors. It is believed that the energy from the stone tempers the actions and traits that suck our energy and induces shame. 

It is also thought that it helps reduce reckless, anti-social, and impulsive behavior in children and adults and, generally, people who find it difficult to make decisions and have a mind of their own. 

Emotional Healing

Labradorite helps calm overactive minds and imaginations while maintaining much-needed mental energy. It is seen as an excellent tool for bringing back spontaneity and joy to one's life and daily activities. This unique, mystical stone is said to help remove the emotional drain of one's daily routine and responsibilities and reawakens a person's sense of adventure. 

Labradorite also affects the subconscious mind, recalling hidden memories and helping minds understand them better. It supports introspection, meditation, and contemplation, assisting people to gain more understanding of thoughts and feelings.

This helps clarify issues, root out the underlying cause of a matter, and attracts peace of mind. There are claims that because Labradorite is known as an uplifting stone, it helps eliminate fear, doubt, and insecurities. It also increases a person's faith in themselves and the world at large.

Spiritual Healing

The spiritual abilities of Labradorite are popular among mystics and tantric philosophers. The predominantly blue energy emanating from this precious gemstone stimulates the body's voice, also known as the Throat Chakra. This chakra acts like a pressure valve to express all other chakras. If it is blocked, your other chakras might be at low levels.

A healthy and balanced Throat Chakra allows us to express our thoughts and feelings. Healthy chakras make it easier for us to communicate what we think and feel, which in turn helps us imprint who we are on the earth.

The darker shades of blue that emanate from the Labradorite stone encourage the truth in all situations, and lighter shades support relaxation, balance, and flexibility. With its numerous shades and color flashes, Labradorite can be very beneficial in uniting and allowing a good flow of all chakras.

Metaphysical Properties

If you are thinking of answering the question, "What is labradorite good for?" then you're in the right section. 

Labradorite is supposedly said to possess superb and highly effective healing properties. As emphasized earlier, it is reported to help people with spiritual, mental, and emotional issues.

Apart from these, Labradorite is a fixture in tantric philosophy (the philosophy of the abstract world), as it addresses issues such as energy and chakra balance in the body. In other words, you connect with the metaphysical world while meditating with this stone. It can also happen consciously or unconsciously, depending on how spiritually attuned the wearer or user is.

Using Labradorite

There are many ways to wear Labradorite. Here are some of these uses: 

At Home

Adding Labradorite to your home's interior is bound to clear out the negative moods in the home's environment, and some even comment that they can feel the positive energy radiating in their homes. It has been said that visitors who come into your home with bad energies will leave without them.

One of the best ways to use Labradorite at home is to use it towards the southwest side of your home. This position maximizes the energy of your family and takes away stress. Placing the Labradorite in your bedroom also promotes restful sleep and relaxation. Also, incorporating this stone into your furniture is not a bad idea.

At Work

If you want to use Labradorite at work, place it on your work table or anywhere it can sit and maintain closeness to you. The positive energy that emanates from this stone can help you go through your day with the same energy from start to finish, confront challenges at work, and increase your focus and determination.


Over the years, various jewelry pieces made from Labradorite crystal have been popular, well-loved, and widely accepted. Made from a gemstone that produces a magical aura and is beautiful inside and out, it is no surprise that any jewelry made from Labradorite crystal is magical and beautiful. 

From Labradorite earring, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets to Labradorite rings, beads, heart, and wand, each jewelry piece have a mesmerizing and alluring look due to its adularescence (a glossy shine effect).

Wearing Labradorite jewelry has many benefits, one of which is that it allows you to connect with the Labradorite crystal meaning and makes you a constantly happy person when you step out of your home. It is also said to free you of bad energies. One ring that falls under these categories is the Labradorite Leaf Ring, made of sterling silver. No matter what outfit you choose to wear, this ring will complement.

Also, people who constantly wear this type of jewelry often exude good frequency, increasing communication between them and others. 


Undergoing meditation using Labradorite helps you open up your inner nature. The reason is that the stone opens up your spiritual mind and clears every doubt at the gate of your consciousness. Clearing up this doubt revives your inner chakra and introduces focus. This will, in turn, open up opportunities to heal. 

When meditating with the stone, talk to yourself to unlock your door of clairvoyance. You will notice an increase in the energy interaction, offering you calmness. 


Labradorite helps lovers magnify the connection they share. While love can be difficult to exhibit, especially after a fight, Labradorite crystal is said to help take away bad energy and frequencies. This makes it easier for lovers to commit once more to themselves, making connections in relationships deeper. It fosters trust and commitment by way of inducing positive vibes and energies.

This is the same for friendships, where each party begins to grow respect for each other's presence. It also opens up the heart to balance when the stone is near and allows you to crave a return of the joy and adventure that was once characteristic of the relationship.

How to Clean Your Labradorite Stone 

Cleansing precious stones requires a good hand and specific knowledge, and Labradorite is no different. 

Labradorite has inner layers, which makes it liable to breakage if a lot of pressure is applied to it or it is hit hard. 

There are so many ways to cleanse your Labradorite stone. 

Use an untreated cloth dipped in water and gentle soap. Note: Do not use hot water and ultrasonic methods to treat your Labradorite. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching your precious stone's surface, and store it in soft materials too.

Use water. Cleaning Labradorite jewelry with water means washing off all acquired negative energy to ensure it can dish out its positive energy. Ensure you tend it gently and with little pressure.

You could also use rice. Place it in a bowl of rice and leave overnight. You could also smudge the stone.

To recharge, leave it in the moonlight. Most gemstones characteristic of aventurescence are moonlight lovers, and the Labradorite is no different. The moon itself is a source of cool light energy for gemstones, as against the bright and intense sunlight. Note: Do not use the sun to recharge it, as the sun's rays may cause the stone's color to fade. 

Proper Care of Labradorite

As much as cleansing, properly caring for your Labradorite stone is essential. 

Keep your Labradorite stone or jewelry away from things that could cause it to be easily scratched. Keep away from other crystals. It is best to have a soft bag or a jewelry box dedicated to your Labradorite stone.

When not in use, ensure it is properly stored. Also, keep away from direct sunlight as it may lose its color.


Labradorite is a multifaceted gemstone that can profit you once you get it in the form of jewelry. Whether you believe in the metaphysical or not, it is always a good addition to your jewelry set. Now that you have the labradorite crystal meaning, getting it should be a priority. Check out our online store to get yours!

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